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Serbian cartoonist is dead

DIED Miodrag Velickovic - cartoonist
Long-time technical editor and journalist with the weekly "Our word" famous cartoonists Miodrag Velickovic, died 05th 05 2010th Mr. the sixty-seventh year of life. Miodrag Velickovic Mivel for his cartoon got over a hundred awards worldwide. So Special Award: Skopje, Belgrade, Ljubljana, Japan, Korea (seven times), Novi Sad, Istanbul, Hokkaido, Markostika, Bucharest, Taiwan
Grand Prix three times in the magazine "Youth," the TV cartoon theme in Belgrade, the Belgrade military cartoons, the magazine "Zoom" in Vlasotince twice, "Kruševačka cartoons", "Kruševački comics", Rovinj, Folinjo (Italy), Nicosia (Cyprus), "My view of the world," Belgrade magazine "Ludus" Spškešir, Pljevlja, Krusevac ... Other awards: "Japan and the Japanese", "struggle", Aškešir, Pljevlja, Smederevo, Kopaonik (four times), "Pierre", Čivijada, Bucharest, Calarasi, Marostika ... Third prize: Aškešir (four times), Čivijada (three times), Montreal, "Pierre" ...
Miodrag Velickovic Mivel was a modest man of sharp mind and pen, a great talent. It's always supported everything related to the strip in Leskovac, not just words, but deeds. His premature departure of Leskovac, Serbian, comics and cartoons are losing a lot. Make it easy country ...

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